They think it's all over... well it is now

As the saying goes 'All good things come to an end' and we reached the end of the rails in October 2013. Thanks for everyone who supported us along the way. It was an amazing 10 months that we will never forget. The blog is still fully functional and you can follow our amazing adventure by clicking on the 'Blog' button in the header menu. We love to hear from fellow travellers so do drop us a line if you have any questions.

Happy reading and happy travels to one and all!

Ta Ta for now!

Team Chip

278 days
22 countries
70,000 km
40 trains
19 buses
9 boats
7 planes
4 cars

= 1 amazing journey

What's the Craic?

Our plans were simple...

To travel round the world by land where practical.

Although we have tweaked our plans since being on the road/rails we stayed committed to surface transport where practical, even though in many cases flying could be the easier and the cheaper option.

In brief our plans were to travel from the UK to Singapore by rail and road before stepping onto our first plane to Bali on the way to Australia. When back on terra firma we navigated our way across the outback by train before travelling around New Zealand by campervan. We then flew to San Francisco and make our way across the USA by train before flying to Lisbon for the final leg by land back to the UK.

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Route Map

Map optimised for Google Chrome and route might not display correctly in all browsers. If you are having problems please read the following Google help pages:

Issues while using Internet Explorer and Windows
Issues while using Firefox or other browsers

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer you can view an overlay of the route by opening the following link Click and Open 'kml' file

Having played about with Google Maps Engine, Traditional Google Maps and Google Tracks, none of which talk to each other properly we gave up trying to automate route mapping. Therefore the maps are hand drawn and hence at times might not follow every turn correctly.

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