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So it's nearly time to 'train off'

Update! 11th January 2013

So it's nearly time for us to 'train off' - our departing thoughts.

It's been a great few evenings meeting up with everyone.... if only we were this popular all the time :-) Thanks again for making the effort to meet up either you are all happy for us, or happy to see us go! You all have our contact details so no excuses for keeping in touch.

On more than one occasion after a few beers we have been asked what we are most looking forward to and what we will miss the most. So for one last time in reverse order this is what we will miss the most:

Billy & Sonya: Firstly of course it has to be family and friends. I know we all lead hectic lives and we just don't seem to find the time to pick up the phone let alone meet up it is going to strange that you are not just down the road.

Billy: Secondly and I'm not just saying this because I know some people from work are following our blog, but I am going to miss the routine of work. Having just spent another four weeks in bed I really miss a work life balance and feeling you have achieved something. I know its our decision to do this and don't expect any sympathy! It's a hard life and all that....

Billy & Sonya: Next it has to be the Panthers, could this be the year we actually win the league? The Panthers are undoubtedly the biggest team in the league but still haven't won it in 38 years of trying! Season after season it's the same story, throughout the autumn its looks promising and then the Christmas turkey kicks in, this year looked to be no different after getting hammered by our friends up the road in Sheffield but this time we seem to have bounced back with a 4 point weekend. As I write we are 6 points clear at top (non hockey fans thats 3 games) we look forward to following the games when we are on the road and although we really hope the Panthers do it this year we will be torn. As there is only one place we want to be on the night of the big match and that's Block 13 sticking our fingers up at the Squeelers (for the right reasons for once). Come on Panthers, surely this is our year?

Billy & Sonya: Finally - Glastonbury! Being surrounded by complete strangers who feel like long lost friends and an atmosphere like New Year that lasts for a week... we will really miss the festival. Come rain or shine we have never had a bad moment at Glasto! We will miss it but can't really complain but come the end of June we will have our party instead!

Billy & Sonya: And now for what we are most looking forward to, which is much harder to answer. We know which bits we're going to enjoy as we have already been there... seen it... and got the shot glass. So it would be an easy answer to say South East Asia but on further thought although we have done sooooooo much research and some places we feel like we've been there already we can't possibly research every nook and cranny before leaving so we suppose it is the stuff we don't know about..... yeah we are looking forward to the unexpected! Ask us at the end of our trip what we enjoyed the most and hopefully we will have too many memories to pick just one!

If you have really read all that and not just skipped to here... thanks! Stay safe, be happy and see you later in the year if not before in sunnier climes!

Over and out

Stabbed for the last time

Update! 3rd January 2013

Hep B


Yellow Fever


It's 2013!

Update! 1st January 2013
Happy New Year! It's 2013 already and less than 2 weeks to go, both cars are now of the road and we are packed and ready to go. It all seems so real now, there has been a lot of sleeps and up's and down's since we first thought about our adventure and we can't believe it is really going to happen! :-) It been a fantastic few evenings catching up with everyone and we thank you for all your kind wishes. If rumor has it we will be getting married in Thailand and settling down in Australia... we have no idea where any of these rumors started (maybe the Yorkshire Tyke might know) but watch this space as you never know what the future holds. This will be one of our last blogs on here but we hope you will continue to 'check in' once in a while and follow our blog over on TravelPod. Thanks for the departing memories it means a lot to us both, we will miss you all, take care in 2013, stay in contact and if you can come and join us on route!

Leaving party

Update! 30th December 2012
Thanks everyone for a great evening. It was great to see everyone again and we look forward to being back in the UK for the next 'not New Year' and the next rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Second time lucky!

Update! 20th December 2012
On the second attempt and after providing every single detail about our Chinese adventure including every day's activity, every hotel booking and all the transport info we have finally been granted our Chinese visa. Ta Da!





Malaria Tabs

Update! 20th December 2012
Don't get caught out and pay through the nose... check out our hints and tips page and find out how we paid under £28 for just under 6 months dose for both of us.

Trans-Siberian Tickets Delivered

Update! 12th December 2012
Woo Hoo! We now have tickets from the UK all the way to UB!

Visa Update

Update! 5th December 2012
After a month we got our passports back today all stamped and ready to go! A big thanks to Real Russia for the amazing service and helping us out when our plans had to change at the last minute. Just need to apply for the Chinese Visa before departure as we will apply at the border for the other countries.






Update! 3rd December 2012
The Trans-Siberian doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg... just a leg. Check out 'Travel Hints & Tips' to see how much our trip cost us compared to the best quote we could find from a reputable agency.

Travel Hints & Tips

Update! 2nd December 2012
Now live! We will be adding stuff along the way so please check back regularly for more tips.

45 days to go...

Update! 1st December 2012
Only 45 days to go until our planned departure! And how did we celebrate? ... with another jab ... at the doctors. Yes it was the first of the long awaited rabies jabs! Just two more to go and then Yellow Fever. I'm sure if we have anymore injections we will start leaking.

At home recovering

Update! 28th November 2012
Wow it's already been 2 weeks since the last update where did that go? We are pleased to report that Ross is back in the land of the living and although it is early days the op appears to have been a success! Yay! He is now at home recovering and doing some armchair travelling. Sorry it's still too early at the moment to make an on/off decision about our leaving party. Watch this space as we will be making this in the next week or so.

Breaking News...

Update! 12th November 2012
Our best laid plans have been derailed!

Ross received his results from the latest batch of tests and on a positive note it has identified the cause of the problem with eating but the bad news is it requires further corrective surgery planned for next week. We hope this won't be any more serious than a possible delay to our departure date and leaving party but at the moment things are unclear. We will contact everyone when we know more and hope to see you all soon.


Update! 30th October 2012
Hep B

Rabies - finally and not a moment too soon we might have tracked down a vaccine! Yay!

Yellow Fever

How not to catch a flight!

Update! 28th October 2012
It was meant to be a stress free weekend in Brussels catching up with our great friends we met in Thailand, remind us how to be frugal with our money and remind us of the importance of planning for our big trip. We managed 1 out of 3! Read more here

HRC Brussels

Update! 27th October 2012
Been there - seen it - got the shot glass! One too many Long Island Ice Teas had by all but one less HRC to visit on our travels.

Leaving Party

Update! 11th October 2012
We will be having a leaving party in early January before we depart on our travels. We will be dropping invites in the post soon so watch those door mats and inboxes.

Only 100 days to go...

Update! 6th October 2012
As the headline suggests just 100 days until our planned departure!

House sitter sorted!

Update! 16th September 2012
Thanks to Fiona who has agreed to look after the house during our travels.

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