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Monday, January 14, 2013

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I'm sure we will update this blog in some random places but as hotels go this is probably going to be one of the most random. We are sitting inside, yet we are outside... yes you did read that right our hotel appears to have extended into the office block next door and they have roofed over the gap. It is like an indoor motel. We are sitting on park benches made from reclaimed wood in a fake park, with fake grass and real trees looking into somebodies bedroom window with other bedrooms behind us. It's like a scene from Yellow Stone National Park without Yogi the Bear but indoors... words don't explain how weird this is.

Waking up to snow wasn't the way we envisaged leaving the UK but we got out just in time. Our train arrived in London bang on time (luckily we didn't catch the following one which we originally had planned to do, as it was cancelled!) and gave us enough time for a final English brew before jumping on the Eurostar. We arrived in Brussels with enough time to source a cherry beer something that Sonya had been nagging for since we were last in Brussels. We then jumped on the Thalys to Amsterdam and before you could say 'check in' we were in our hotel room taking our rucksacks off (phew they were beginning to feel like small elephants on our back)

We soon forgot about that as we headed into town for food and a few drinks and felt the chill and this isn't even Siberia yet! In Sonya's words it was chuffing freezing.

Day 1 over and not much to write about as it was uneventful, which is exactly what a travelling day should be!

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