Beijing - Shanghai

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We caught the high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai, 1,318km (819 miles) in 4 hours 55 minutes, just incredible. It's unbelievable that the whole line was built in just 3 years including stations which are gigantic. I suppose when you have 130,000 people working on the line at its peak you can get a lot done!

The Sat Nav on Ross's phone couldn't even locate us at that speed! Within 7 minutes and still in Beijing we were already doing over 300kph. After half an hour or so when you are in the countryside you soon lose concept of how fast you are travelling, until you pass a car which looks like it is barely moving.

We arrived at the new Shanghai Hongqiao station adjacent to the airport and as with everything in China it was enormous it seems like they have adopted the American 'the bigger the better' philosophy. It is the biggest station in Asia at a massive 1.3 million sq metres... where in the world is anything bigger?

Walking anywhere was a serious trek and with backpacks the walk from the platform to the metro was a marathon hike.

Shanghai has a mega metro system and as well as getting us from A-Z and everywhere in between it keeps us amused with the Chinglish announcements. Too many to mention but "prepare to get off on the lefter side" is one of our favourites!

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