Day 100!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A truly monumental day, 100 days away from reality. We are both having the time of our lives and we know we are lucky to be doing what we are but we didn't get here by luck alone.

We joke about backpacking 1st class, we are to backpacking what clamping is to camping. Incidentally we still haven't thought of a funky name for that. But we know where to cut costs when we need to, leaving a bit extra for when we want to splurge.

We often get asked how we can afford to do such a trip?

Firstly we lead a fairly frugal lifestyle back in the UK we could lead a more elaborate lifestyle but we don't as we prefer to spend our money doing what we enjoy, travelling.

Secondly we did masses of planning and lots of detailed budgeting, by lots to put it into perspective it took the best part of a year to work out what we could afford and couldn't afford to do. We didn't just cut out activities we cut out whole countries. We decided we would prefer to have the money to do things properly rather than do more things on a shoestring.

Finally and most importantly for us we earned and saved every single penny we are spending. It might have taken us the best part of a decade to save enough but we earned it, paid taxes on it and now it's our time to enjoy what's left.

We have met a lot of people who are travelling before and after university, mostly financed by the great 'parents bank', good for them but we can honestly say we get more enjoyment by knowing we had to work to pay for everything we are doing. Each and every beer somehow seems more refreshing :-)

Due to good budgeting or being frugal with our money we are actually beating the budget so far, so hopefully there will be many more blogs to come before we have to come back to reality.

We are having too much fun to come home yet :-)

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