UK Special

Road Trip
Sunday, November 2, 2014

1 year on from our big adventure, we decided it was about time we got out and experienced some of the wonderful sights and attractions that our homeland has to offer. So on the anniversary of returning to the UK we embarked on a much smaller, but equally action packed grand tour of Wales and Southern England. Our aim was to cram in as many attractions and places we should have already seen or visited, but for one reason or another we have never had the time to do so.

Dodging the autumn weather we had a great time visiting a vast array of sights, from the weird and wonderful hippy shops in Glastonbury to the spirtual Stonehenge and ending up at the solemn experience of seeing the poppies at the Tower of London. An amazing work of art which barely comprehends what they actually represent. We are so proud to be British.

All in all a great week that went too fast.

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