How not to catch a flight!

Update! 28th October 2012

We set off from home just after 4pm with plenty of time to catch a flight from Manchester Airport at 19:40 or so we thought.....

With horrendous Friday traffic on the A50 and M6 time ticked by, we finally got to Manchester airport but in the rush missed the sign for the car park (more haste less speed!) After a further 15 minute's with the Sat Nav giving out random directions we found the entrance. In a frantic state we dumped the car and boarded the shuttle bus to the airport.

Time check 19:15

Gate closed at 19:10!!! Crap! We then got stuck in more traffic on the way to the airport before the driver let us off so we could run the last bit to the terminal. Straight up the escalator Ross made it to the top..... Sonya did not.....

So with Sonya now bruised and hopping on one leg towards security it began to feel like a pointless trip. Arriving at the security gate we rushed to the fast lane and we both got a glimmer of hope we could still make the flight..... but then Sonya sets off the beeper and have to stand in a que to be ex-rayed in the body scanner!

Time check 19:28

Grabbing our bags we had no time to put on shoes, belts etc so Sonya had we both ran full pelt through the airport to our gate. Thankfully we arrived at the gate to a small que of equally distressed passengers in front of us. We scanned our boarding passes but we still didn't have time to put our shoes on so Sonya ran out the terminal and up the steps into the plane. Sonya's got some very funny looks from other passengers arriving red faced with shoes in hand!

Time check 19:35

Relief..... last 2 on on the plane..... but we are made it! Not something we plan to do again anytime soon!

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